Equinix Customer Portal Preview

User Settings

Click on your name to access and edit your profile. You may also view and request permissions or set your notification, time zone, language and interface preferences.


The cart icon allows you to quickly view a list of the items in your cart as well as those that have been saved for later. Clicking on the pencil icon next to the item will allow you edit your request. Clicking Review Cart will take you directly to your cart and saved requests.


The bell icon notifies you of calls to action including communications from Equinix technicians to request clarification or scheduling modifications. Shipping contacts will be notified of unannounced shipments in storage, while administrators will see users awaiting portal registration approval.

Navigation Menu

The permissions-based site navigation provides easy access to all of the products and services you have come to rely upon at Equinix including your history of all requests submitted via the portal, the Global Service Desk or your account team.


After you have placed your request with Equinix via the portal, email, phone or mobile device, the Operations menu provides access to important features including your assets in the Install Base, Finance Overview, Unannounced Shipments, IBX or Network and Order Notifications, and IBX SmartView/Environmental Monitoring for enabled locations.

Network Management

A fast and convenient way to view and manage your peering and cloud network connections. Equinix Connect customers may view traffic usage charts and use Looking Glass to ping routers and view network behavior.


The Reports menu gives you access to the Report Center where you may request all report types in a single location, schedule and manage recurrence, and download delivered reports.


The orders scorecard dashboard shows you an instant snapshot of the status of your recent requests. From here, you can see if you need to take any action on recent requests and manage active requests. Clicking the Order number for recent requests will take you to the details of that request on the Order & Ticket History page.

Message Center

The Message Center is your tool for keeping up to date on all of your pending actions, current and past IBX notifications, and requested reports.



Data grid filters allow you to control what you want to see by focusing only on the criteria you select. The filters vary depending on the page and data you are viewing. You may also enter a keyword to narrow your filtered results.

Data Grid

Your most important data, that is available on the portal, has been organized into data grids that provide instant access to important details and status. Columns may be filtered and sorted to your preference using the gear icon at the top right of the data grid.

Expanded Details

With a single click on the arrow to the left of an item in a data grid you may view all of the details that relate to that item. The details that will show vary based on the type of data you are viewing in each data grid.


Quickly jump pages with a click or change the number of items showing on the page by using the controls available at the bottom of the data grid.


Location Details

All requests start with defining the intended IBX data center, cage, and cabinet. Once your location is selected, the portal provides details about the location, including street address, hours of operation and a link to a map of the surrounding area.

Service Details

Each request type has different details available to select or enter manually. Certain fields will auto-populate with information based on earlier selections.


You can upload files under 2 MB in the following formats: bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif, tiff, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pps, ppsx, pdf, and vsd. Your attachments will be sent to on-site technicians to ensure your installation goes smoothly.


The portal offers three options for most orders that require scheduling:

  • Standard Scheduling completes the request in Equinix's standard turnaround time.
  • Expedite Scheduling allows you to prioritize your request.
  • Scheduled Maintenance allows you to select a specific date and time for your request to be completed.

Reference Information

Many customers have an internal ticketing system to track items ordered from Equinix. This field provides a place to enter your internal reference information, including purchase order numbers, ticket numbers or descriptive text. This information can be searched for on the order history page and will appear in your install base on your invoice.

Contact Information

You may specify a technical and/or a notification contact for your requests. If questions arise Equinix will contact the technical contact person as the primary technical contact. Technical contacts do not receive booking or completion notices, but will be contacted by Equinix technicians. Notification contacts will receive booking and completion notices, but not technical questions from the technicians.

Add to Cart

You may add many items to a single request by adding them to your cart. This will create a single order or ticket number for the items submitted from the cart. The cart currently supports Work Visits, Smart Hands, Cross Connects and Shipments.



Administrators may manage Users' and Administrators' permissions for portal access, ordering and IBX data center access, assets and notifications from a simple user management dashboard. In addition, Master Administrators may access all other administration functions for account management including Z-Side Opt-In, billing notification contacts and security settings, and reseller customer management for administrators of reseller accounts.

List Actions

Selecting a List Action will filter the user list to only users for which the selected action may be executed. Once the desired action is selected, an administrator may select multiple users across pages upon which to execute the action except Deactivate and Terminate Users which may only be applied to a single page at a time.

Create New Users

You may invite users to create their own account or manually add up to twenty users at a time in a single form.

Line Actions

Line actions allow you to take action on a single user in the data grid. This change will only apply to the selected user.